Pendleton + Timbers Submission

The Portland Timbers recently announced a collaboration design contest in tandem with Pendleton Woolen Mills. I jumped at the opportunity to design something for my favorite soccer team. Though my submission was not chosen as one of the finalists, I am still quite happy with the results. 



 One of the toughest parts of the design parameters for the Pendleton blanket was a limited color palette as well as a rule of only two colors used in any horizontal line due to the weaving process.  

The four corners each contain an abstracted symbol from the club. Clockwise from the top left:

- City of Portland flag

- King of Clubs

- Rising Sun

- St. John's bridge  

The center contains a stylized axe with yellow chevrons on the top and bottom. On either side of the center are roses surrounded by thorns. 

Overall im happy with the result and as always, Rose City Til I Die!