A fresh start

... And one that doesn't involve a New Year's Resolution.

Yes, I nuked my website. In an effort to be more active as a designer, I figured I should get rid of my old clunky website in order to encourage myself to be more proactive. 

Where I'm at

I have officially made the transition from contract designer to permanent designer at Portland Roasting Coffee. I'm super excited to be a part of their team and have enjoyed my new discovery of the world of specialty coffee. 

What's on my horizon

After being a resident of the beautiful city of Portland for about 2 years now, I'm looking forward to more opportunities to grow in the creative community here. I'm gaining more local freelance and building relationships, but am always open to additional work and collaboration.

What's with this site?

I have never been good at keeping a consistent notebook of thoughts, no matter how many cool notebooks I buy. The answer has been under my nose all along: my website. I'm looking forward to taking my design ideas, inspiration, and discussions to my new website.