An overview of Portland Roasting branded pieces.

Portland Roasting Coffee

As half of the designer team at Portland Roasting Coffee, I aided in elevating the brand to exemplify the delicious hand-crafted coffee that is produced. I streamlined the giant photo library, chosen photo labels for the entire line of coffee, helped to launch the brand new cafe and tasting room, and much more. Everything created for Portland Roasting Coffee has an element of illustration and hand-crafted design.

Designer  |  2013 - 2015

  • Branding

  • Illustration

  • Packaging

  • Print materials

  • Website Design

Custom wall art reflecting the entirety of the espresso process. The art was created using photography, illustration, and printed on canvas. 

Website design, ecommerce, and product and event promotions.

I also assisted on designing an entirely new tradeshow system that can be scaled for a variety of spaces and uses. The booth features custom design elements, graphics, and layouts.

Branding for a coffee farm located in Africa.

I also created matching logos for every farm in the farm collective.

Custom installation showing an official coffee tasting, or cupping, printed on recycled wood from the new cafe buildout.